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Lower Back Pain near Youngsville LA

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Father and child in hunter safety gear enjoying a pain-free outdoor adventure near Youngsville, LA, after successful chiropractic treatment.

Back in the Hunt: A Youngsville Spine’s Tale of Chiropractic Care

Sugar cane farming and hunting has been a way of life for Youngsville LA residents for many years. That is why it is no wonder why it is called the happiest place to live, work, and raise a family. We are located just down the road, where your journey to wellness begins with a personalized touch and a smile! Welcome to Cavanaugh Chiropractic! Nestled in the heart of our vibrant community, directly in the center of Lafayette Parish, we’re not just any chiropractic office; we’re your neighbors, dedicated to bringing comfort and healing right to you. Our mission is to empower every individual from our beloved surrounding towns, like Youngsville, LA and beyond, with the care and knowledge to lead a life free of pain. Every chiropractic visit tells a story of transformation and healing. Now, let me share with you one of those stories, a testament to the strength and resilience of our community members, and a reflection of our commitment to health and wellness for all.

Our Pledge to Privacy: Safeguarding Your Healing Stories 

Please note, to respect the privacy and protect the confidentiality of our patients, names and any identifying health information in the following story has been changed. Our commitment to patient confidentiality is paramount, as we share this transformative journey with you.

The Call for Help: The Search for a Chiropractor Youngsville LA

About 6 months ago, I got a phone call from a friend of mine telling me that he was in severe lower back pain. This was a guy I knew from our childhood and he was tough, even then. So, for him to be in so much pain, I knew it was serious. He said he had tried to call someone closer to his house in Youngsville for chiropractic care, but they couldn’t get him in for his first visit for almost two weeks.  I told him that we would see him that afternoon. He didn’t want to pull any favors, especially because I wasn’t his first choice but I explained to him that we treat everyone that comes to us as if they were family. I would not want my family having to wait two weeks for their first visit while they are in pain. I told him that we are usually able to get people in on the same day and that I wasn’t treating him any different than our other patients. He arrived at our office later that day and he explained that he was helping his brother move a couch when he felt a sneeze coming up. Instead of allowing his body to sneeze he had tried to contain the sneeze while he was holding the couch. He stated that he heard a pop in his lower back and dropped to the ground.  He was in severe pain immediately and wanted to get checked out right away so he called the closest chiropractor. When they couldn’t consult with him in that day, he decided to make an appointment with us and take the short 8 mile drive down ambassador Caffrey for our services.

Aiming True: An Outdoorsman’s Quest for a Pain-Free Return to Nature

Mr. Thibodeaux is an avid hunter and his main goal was to be able to go hunting pain free with his son. In the short term, he wanted to finish helping his brother move the couch. One of the jobs as a chiropractor is to temper health expectations. Chiropractic care is a great specialty but it is not magic. I explained that even if he could walk pain free this afternoon, it would be a terrible idea to help move the couch and he should tell his brother that he was done lifting couches for the day, probably for a while. Instead, Mr. Thibodeaux settled on a more realistic goal of being able to find a comfortable position and being able to walk without the feeling of his legs giving out from under him because of the pain.

The Discovery Process: Unveiling the Root of Back Pain from Youngsville

After I got a thorough history and appropriate treatment goals, we were able to move forward with our exam. We opted for diagnostic testing and took X-rays to rule out breaks, fractures, dislocations, subluxations, and aberrant motion. X-rays were all negative, which is what we want to find. X-rays are a simple and inexpensive way to rule out major concerns and complications.  The next step in our process is to have Mr. Thibodeaux go through ranges of motion and perform an orthopedic and neurological examination. Ranges of motion were severely limited in all planes due to pain. At this point, I realized that many of the tests I was about to perform were going to elicit pain responses. Interesting fact about orthopedic exams: many tests are provocative in nature so it is not uncommon to experience pain and discomfort during the exam.  Each test needs to performed a specific way so that a specific pain generator is tested and if positive, will give a specific result. As I performed my examination, I was correct in assuming that he would experience an increase in symptoms. However, many of his tests were not positive, despite the pain he was experiencing. Towards the end of the exam, I performed the Yeoman’s test. This is done while he was lying face down and I bent his knee that was on the same side of the table I was standing on. From there, I put my hand on his Sacro-iliac joint and lifted his knee. When I lifted his knee off of the table, he experienced pain. This was a true positive test. He could now be diagnosed with a primary condition of sacral segmental dysfunction and a secondary diagnosis of lumbar segmental dysfunction.

The Youngsville Approach: Tailored Adjustments for Lasting Relief

I had a pretty good plan of what I believed would help Mr. Thibodeaux but I wanted to know what previous treatment he had received at other chiropractors. He said in the past, chiropractors had been successful with old fashioned adjustments. He would usually get a few adjustments and the pain would disappear for a few months or years and then he’d have to get another round of treatment. I agreed with this conservative approach to his lower back pain and decided to adjust Mr. Thibodeaux twice a week for four weeks. His adjustments were followed up with gentle stretching of his legs. He was encouraged to continue the stretching exercises even on his days without treatment.

The Triumph: A Youngsville Hunter’s Journey from Pain to Performance

Within 2 weeks, Mr. Thibodeaux experienced complete resolution of pain. He had full range of motion in his lower back and could walk and resume normal activities with no restrictions. I did caution him about helping to move furniture in the future but he was able to go hunting and sit in a deer stand until his heart was content.

Join the Youngsville Movement: Your Pathway to Chiropractic Success

In the case of Mr. Thibodeaux from Youngsville, LA, we see the power of timely, personalized chiropractic care. By not ignoring the early signs and seeking immediate help, he was able to return to his passion for hunting without the shadow of pain looming over him. His journey from acute lower back injury to complete mobility of his musculoskeletal system is not just a success story; it’s a testament to our dedication to quick and effective treatment at Cavanaugh Chiropractic.

Don’t let pain put your life on hold. If you’re in Youngsville, LA, and are longing for relief and a return to your active lifestyle, call our chiropractor near Youngsville LA today.  We are a short drive away and we prioritize your urgent needs to ensure you’re not waiting in pain. Schedule your appointment at (337) 984-5852 and let your story of healing begin.

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