Spinal Decompression

A comprehensive overview of spinal decompression therapy, an effective way to treat neck and back pain without drugs or surgery.

What is Spinal Decompression and How Can It Help You?

Are you looking for a natural way to reduce your back pain? Spinal decompression might be the answer. Spinal decompression is a non-surgical treatment option used to reduce back pain caused by herniated or degenerative discs. It applies gentle, comfortable distraction forces to the spine, which helps to relieve pressure on the discs and improve blood flow to injured areas of the spine. Read on to learn more about spinal decompression and how it can help you find relief from your back pain.

Cavanaugh Chiropractic in Lafayette, LA offers relief from lower back and neck pain related to sciatica and herniated discs through the process of spinal decompression. This gentle, non-surgical method has helped many patients safely reduce their back pain while avoiding the risks associated with surgeries. Cavanaugh Chiropractic’s experienced staff help patients return to a life free of lower back and neck pain with personalized treatment plans. Their spinal decompression therapy can lead to long-term back pain relief that may not be achievable from other methods or remedies. If you are suffering from neck or lower back pain in Lafayette, Cavanaugh Chiropractic can offer you a safe course for lasting relief.

How Does Spinal Decompression Work?

Spinal decompression works by applying gentle distracting forces to the spine in order to create a vacuum effect that relieves pressure on the discs. This helps reduce herniations, bulges, and disc protrusions that cause nerve compression and resulting pain. By creating this vacuum effect, spinal decompression also increases blood flow to injured areas of the spine, which promotes healing and reduces inflammation.

Spinal Decompression therapy is a noninvasive and pain-free solution to alleviate back and neck pains. It involves no drugs or surgery, just the application of gentle, low force distractive forces on the spine in order to improve blood flow to the injured area. This process works to decompress discs that are not absorbing enough oxygen and nutrients by decompressing them and relieving pressure on spinal nerves. By decompressing discs, decompression therapy is able to reduce much of the pain felt throughout your body without causing any additional harm or risk to the patient.

One condition that responds quite well to Spinal Decompression is a radiculopathy. This is a condition which stems from nerve root irritation due to factors such as herniated disks and spinal stenosis, is a difficult condition to treat. However, through traction and decompression techniques provided by chiropractic care, radiculopathy can be treated with successful results. Patients typically require 3 treatments per week over the course of 1 month in order to gain symptom relief. In most cases, this process leads to pain reduction in roughly 6-10 treatments. These sessions typically last less than 20 minutes and can lead to a significant improvement in radiculopathy symptoms.

How long do Spinal Decompression Treatment Sessions take?

Spinal decompression treatments typically last about 15-20 minutes each and are usually done two or three times a week for 6-10 sessions total. Most patients begin to feel relief from their back pain after 6-10 sessions but may need additional treatments in order to achieve lasting relief.

What else can I do to keep my back feel great?

In addition to receiving spinal decompression treatments, it’s important to maintain good spinal health habits after treatment has been completed in order to ensure lasting relief. Regular exercises such as stretching and strengthening can help keep your spine healthy between treatments, and periodic visits with your chiropractor can help prevent future problems from occurring.

To ensure back pain relief, it is important to follow regular exercises and periodic visit for post-treatment check-ups. These frequent care visits will help maintain spinal health and reduce the probability of back pain reoccurrence. Home care advice including back exercises, stretches and posture tips are recommended to improve your strength, flexibility and stability over time. Following these generous guidelines will not only reduce pain but get you back to normal daily activities as quickly as possible!

Where Can I Find a Provider for Spinal Decompression in Lafayette LA?

Cavanaugh Chiropractic here in Lafayette offers spinal decompression therapy as part of our comprehensive chiropractic care program. Our team of experienced chiropractors will work with you every step of the way—from diagnosing at-risk disc conditions through effective spinal decompression therapy—to ensure that you get lasting relief from your back pain without surgery or medication.

Chiropractic care is an important component of a person’s health, and spinal decompression is a powerful tool in helping people get back to feeling their best. At Cavanaugh Chiropractic in Lafayette LA, we offer professional chiropractic services to help you with your spinal decompression needs. Our goal is to ensure that every patient gets the best care possible, addressing not only the immediate symptoms but also underlying causes. Questions regarding our spinal decompression services or other chiropractic treatments can be answered by calling Cavanaugh Chiropractic today. We look forward to serving you soon!

If you’re looking for an effective way to treat chronic back pain without resorting to surgery or medication, then spinal decompression might be right for you! At Cavanaugh Chiropractic here in Lafayette, we offer state-of-the-art spinal decompression therapy as part of our comprehensive chiropractic care program. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like more information on how we can help you find relief from your back pain!

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